Sunday, September 13, 2009

The New Mrs. Wilson!

As a traveler, it's easy to form fast friendships with people you encounter along the way. Relationships often move at warp speed and you find the person you met an hour ago while having a beer is now inviting you to stay with them at their home in another country. Rachelle aka "Skittle" was one of the great friends I met in Galway, and our friendship was cemented over a roadtrip through northern Ireland. Since then we've kept in touch and she generously gave me a place to stay for 3 weeks when I first arrived in Sydney. Steve-O, her fiancee, is a great match for Rachelle which I can say with confidence after spending time with them in various outings and having been their former flattie.

Steve and Rachelle tied the knot this weekend, resulting in eruptions of laughter and tears. Rachelle was a gorgeous bride and was radiant through the whole day. We thought she may cry down the aisle (as happened in the rehearsal) but she exuded warmth, confidence and happiness the entire day. I've been to several weddings recently with a mix of traditional and less formal ceremonies and want to note the importance of a grand entrance. The anticipation is palpable as all eyes are focused on the bride as she emerges in white. Often it's the first time that all have seen her in this beautiful gown and emotions are running high given the promises/vows that are about to be exchanged. I teared up. So did many others but what I find most telling and often missed by the focus on the bride is the groom's reaction. Steve went from nervous and excited to confident and relaxed with Rachelle by his side. The ceremony was in a park so it could have been a slight bout with hay fever but I think he may have also become a little emotional.

Weather was gorgeous, food was fabulous, the guests had a wonderful time and as always happens, the night seemed to end too quickly. Steve and Rachelle had an equally dramatic exit with a ferried water taxi that picked them up at the reception and took them to the lovely Park Hyatt overlooking Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House. They're in Vegas now before chilling on the beaches in Hawaii. May they have a wonderful honeymoon!


erin said...

You write beautifully and I am envious of your travels and wonderful experiences! I am sorry I have been so distant but have been thinking of you bunches. I was actually just in Denver this weekend visiting a friend and was thinking that it was probably the first time in about 3 years that you weren't there to hang out with! I miss my Nola buddy:) I have talked to Suzanne some and she has been keeping me updated on your where-abouts but we should connect soon. I miss you! Continue to embrace every minute "down under"! Love, Erin Crow
PS. I need to get your friend's info that wants to get hitched in JH; I never called him back and no longer have his info!

erin said...

did you get my message? i am new to blogging!